The glossary below includes the English terms employed in the context of the LINK EDU-RES project. These terms are also used in the context of comparative report Analysing National and Institutional Doctoral Regulation. The terms are used to describe for concepts commonly used in the context of doctoral education as provided across the universities part of the YERUN Network and the countries in which they are located. The definition therefore indicates how a particular term is understood in the context of the report and the project.

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There are currently 2 terms in this directory beginning with the letter J.

Joint doctorate
Doctorate consisting of doctoral research and/or a (joint) training programme conducted at two or more universities under the supervision of academics connected to the universities involved where the candidate the requirements set by all universities part of the joint doctorate, thereby ultimately resulting in one diploma.

Joint programme
Training programme organised jointly by two or more universities, which may ultimately lead to a single, double, or joint doctorate degree.