Multiplier events

Throughout the project two multiplier events will be organised. The aim of these events is to share the intellectual outputs of the project with a wider audience including European and national policy makers and university networks.

Event 1: How to improve doctoral training through joint programmes. Analysis of experiences in international collaboration.

This event aims at disseminating and maximising the impact of the intellectual outputs of the project. Tools (e.g. student toolbox) and reports (e.g. guidelines), developed during the project, will be presented as resources available to institutions and students for international collaborative programmes.

There will be a particular focus on the report on analysis of experiences in international collaboration and doctoral training. We will present experiences from different types of international collaboration in the field of doctoral training, i.e., exchanges, co-tutelles, double degrees or joint courses of YERUN universities.

This event will furthermore offer the opportunity to present and discuss with different actors involved in doctoral studies the challenges we have encountered for the establishment of joint programmes at doctorate level or other actions related to the internationalisation of doctoral programmes.

Venue: Antwerp

Event 2: Maximising mobility and collaboration in doctoral programmes. Developing and running Joint Programmes in a European university network

This is the final event of the project and as such its aim is to disseminate all projects outputs with particular emphasis on:

  • the knowledge base,
  • the guidelines for developing and running joint programmes at doctorate level,
  • the report of national and institutional doctorate regulations and recommendations for successful cross-border collaboration in joint programmes at doctorate.

Venue: Brussels