University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university. It integrates the assets of its historical roots with its ambition to contribute positively to society. The University of Antwerp develops, provides access to, and disseminates scientific knowledge through research, teaching, and academic service to the community and accomplishes these tasks in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility.

The University of Antwerp conducts creative and innovative scientific research which strives for international excellence. It stimulates both basic and applied research and their valorisation. The university has 15 Research Centres of Excellence and counts several other internationally renowned research groups. The University of Antwerp is ranked 14th in the QS worldwide ranking of young research universities, Top 50 under 50.

The universitys vision on education is based on 4 principles: competence-based; active and student-centred; internationally oriented; and research-based. The university offers 30 Bachelor, 63 Master, 24 Advanced Master and 24 postgraduate degrees – all Bologna compliant – organised by 9 faculties, 48 centres and 20 institutes. 26 programmes are entirely taught in English. The university has a student body of about 20.000 (whereof 19 % are international students). The university hosts almost 1900 doctoral researchers and has doctoral programmes in all faculties (with 287 doctoral theses defended in 2018).

Internationalization of education and scientific research is seen as a key condition for achieving quality and relevance in todays globalized society. International collaboration is therefore a strategic priority for the University of Antwerp. The University of Antwerp has extensive experience in the management of international cooperative projects both in research and education.

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