Staff weeks

The staff weeks will be organised for both academic and administrative staff who have responsibilities over doctoral programmes and/or internalisation.

Staff week 1: From Cotutelles to Joint Programmes – Challenges and Opportunities

The aim of this staff week is to bring together and connect deans, researchers, doctoral candidates, administrative staff, and other university members involved with or interested in the administration and initiation of joint programmes at the doctoral level. We would like to create an opportunity to discuss the vision behind joint programmes and opportunities both for institutions and for individuals. We will also consider the legal and institutional framework relevant to establishing various forms of international collaboration, from cotutelles to international graduate programmes and joint degrees. Steps and stops on the way to joint doctoral education as well as insights into the reality of doctoral research in more than one institution will be at the focus.

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 Venue:  University of Bremen

Date: 21-23 september 2021

Staff week 2: Learning from student experiences in international doctoral collaboration

This three day training activity will focus on the real experiences of the doctoral graduated students that have obtained their doctoral degree under any type of international collaboration: Joint PhD, cooperation frameworks for international training, exchanges, co-tutelle agreements, etc.

Venue: Madrid