Project outcomes

Within the project, the consortium will produce several intellectual outputs, multiplier events and teaching, learning and training activities:

The intellectual outputs contain

  1. a portal on joint programmes at doctorate level,
  2. guidelines for developing and running such programmes (including forms and tools),
  3. a report of national and institutional doctorate regulations for successful cross-border collaboration in joint programmes at doctorate level,
  4. an analysis of experiences in international collaboration and doctoral training and,
  5. a student toolbox for joint programmes at the doctorate level.
  6. An academic paper on the added value of joint programmes at the doctoral level

During the project, two multiplier events will be organized

  1. How to improve doctoral training through joint programmes, and
  2. Maximizing mobility and collaborations by developing and running joint programmes in university networks

In terms of teaching, learning and training activities, two staff weeks, a summer school and research seminars for doctoral candidates and early career researchers will be held. The seminars will have a thematic focus on linking education and research in the fields of digital humanities, health and ageing and migration studies.